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Once a domain name expires, it goes through 3 stages before being released to the open market. Below is a timeline based on domain names.


Day 1 - 20 Expired - Grace Period The domain will stop functioning (web site won't load, email won't be delivered, etc.), but the domain can be renewed at our regular renewal rates.

Day 20 - 45
Expired - Recovery Period The domain can only be renewed during this period using the registry restoration process. You can still renew the domain through your account, but the cost will be one-year renewal plus a $85 recovery fee. This increased cost is due to the much higher cost we need to pay to the registry for domain restorations.
Day 45 + Expired - Pending Deletion The domain can no longer be renewed and will be deleted from the registry and is returned to the pool of available domains for anybody to register.. Once your domain reaches this status, there is nothing that can be done to renew it.

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